No replies without your phone number.I will not call you, unless you want me to.Versatile 6.5 X 14 size. Wood Shell oak or ash.Interior hand sealed with Minwax Honey Maple and lacquered. Drum will come with its original Ludwig Batter Head.Sounds and plays great.Price is Firm.Reading this...its Available.Thank you.
Hi selling my vintage 70s era ludwig vistalite snare drum 14x5.5. Ive owned this for about 30 years. Its one of the more beautiful looking and sounding snares Ive ever come across. I especially love the fact that its see through and might I add without any sort of cloudy look, spider cracks and no cracks. Feel free to contact me to set up a day and time. I dont text I only call people. Cash onl...
Drum Curriculum: a. Notation for the drum set 1. Identifying notes on a staff with corresponding drum or cymbal 2. Understanding Time Signatures and Note values 3. Understanding Rests, Repeats and Chart navigation b. Technique 1. Proper holding of drum sticks 2. Warm up routines 3. Co...
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