Full Yamaha snare drum kit. Includes1 Yamana added backpack shoulder strap style case 2 Yamaha steel chromed snare drum 14x5.5 3 Yamaha practice pad4 Yamaha snare stand 5 Drum sticks6 Drum book7 Drum keyEverything is excellent condition and played very little.This will easily run you $250 new and just as much to rent.
brown and white drum set Grove Percussion 5-piece drum set with hardware and cymbals. Snare drum skin has some drum stick marks from use. Remainder of the set is like new. Asking $250 or best offer. No trades please.
Gilbralter bass drum practice pad- $50. Iron Cobra bass drum pedals $180. Ea. 7 pc. Mapex red M series with soft cases drum throne and cymbal caddy. 22x16- kick, 16x16 and 18x 16 floor Toms,racks are 13x10, 12x10, 10 x8 14 x512 snare. Except condition hardly used. $900.
Im selling a lot of my drum gear.I have others too many to list but here are a few all in excellent conditionPearl double braced $35Yamaha double braced $40Tama double braced the basket can swivel 360 degrees $40Long extension Ludwig $45 great for mounting a tom or playing a snare standing up etc etcpearl basket on a omni-ball $45sonor $45Tama heavy duty $45
Im selling a lot of drum hardware snare, cymbal, hi hat stands. Im listing a few here but I own a lot more different kinds of cymbal stands . Aside from the pictures posted I own many other stands, straight and booms, snare stands too pearl, yamaha, mapex, tama, pdp, ludwig many different kinds from medium to heavy weight $30 bucks and up.If youre interested reach out and leave a call back numb...
Drum Curriculum: a. Notation for the drum set 1. Identifying notes on a staff with corresponding drum or cymbal 2. Understanding Time Signatures and Note values 3. Understanding Rests, Repeats and Chart navigation b. Technique 1. Proper holding of drum sticks 2. Warm up routines 3. Co...
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